Union Btc Compliance and Integrity

Union Btc is committed to fair and transparent business practices. We care about the safety of our clients. We strive to run the business within the framework of legal regulations and in accordance with best practice and personal integrity. For this reason, we implemented many technical measures and international information security certificate ISO 27001:2013 which confirms that we follow the best practices in the field of information security. Our strategy does not include any shortcuts that would lead to goals faster at the expense of integrity. We do not believe in the idea of quick earnings, so we lead a long-term story that we believe in and that is of a solid structure. Our business partners, our shareholders, our investors, our employees, and finally the community deserve honesty and integrity in each step we make. Compliance for us does not represent “a must” but it is simply how we behave on a daily basis. We are honest, fair, and transparent. And we genuinely care.

Code of Conduct:

Living & Communicating Integrity and Setting Clear Rules

As a licensed cryptocurrency exchange service we have implemented a set of regulatory requirements in relation to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT). We implemented clear internal rules that enable us to work efficiently while minimizing business risks. Adherence to legal regulations, our internal rules, Code of Conduct, and internal guidelines are the basis for our daily operations and represent indispensable tools in achieving our goals and vision.

On the company level, we adopted a set of rules and values that we all must adhere to, and that represent the code of conduct.
However, the principles and the attitude can only be written and embedded in the process to a certain level as we all know that every situation cannot be governed by a certain rule. For this reason, we complemented the rules by something that is above everything and that represents our overall business attitude – and that is the Integrity. Integrity is how we act and work and how different situations, especially the ones not covered by rules, are interpreted. This is in fact a question of our corporate culture.

It matters what and how we do it; achieving goals regardless of how is not an acceptable practice in our environment. We operate our business based on ethical standards and everything we do is weighed in the light of integrity.
Since we can only monitor and supervise our internal environment we still need to take into consideration the external factors that include unfair or fraudulent conduct by third parties that harm our clients.

Compliance Management

As a company operating as a provider of virtual currency service, we are especially and fully devoted to compliance and ethical standards. We carefully observe the adherence to the law and internal rules and supervise money laundering and terrorist financing risk exposure.
For us, compliance means much more than just implementing the current rules and regulations. Compliance is a question of corporate culture and is determined considerably by the example set by the top management. Employees and all business partners that provide services for Kriptomat are required to have business as well as personal high ethical standards and take the responsibility for their own conduct and decisions.

We believe that it matters how you do business so our guideline principle is “Making the right way with the right attitude”, which is fully incorporated in our Union Btc Compliance Management System.

Union Btc Internal Fraud Prevention

Kriptomat is committed to fair and transparent business practices. We consider all crypto market players to be responsible to act prudently and to help shape a good industry practice that will support the further adoption and growth of the crypto industry which is in line with our vision and mission. When providing services we constantly weigh between fast service delivery and clients’ security.

To manage the risks and reduce fraud-related incidents, as well as to enable controlled fraud combat improvements in February 2020 we launched an Internal Fraud Prevention Program under the leadership of our Chief Operating & Integrity Officer.

With the establishment of the Internal Fraud Prevention Program, we began to systematically collect data on identified cases of fraud. Based on the facts, we implemented additional safety measures and began to monitor their effectiveness. We were very pleased to see the reduction of the fraud cases, however as new cases of fraud are constantly appearing, it is essential that we keep a close eye on new fraud types and always look for new solutions in order to ensure the safety of our customers as much as possible. Our internal risk assessment is fully compliant with the applicable regulation and enhanced with our experience and knowledge, also including information received from our clients regarding fraud cases. So we use the information we receive wisely and with a greater purpose.
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If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our compliance management, you are welcome to share your thoughts by sending us an email at [email protected].