A savings plan based on cryptocurrency:

With the growing interest of institutional investors in cryptocurrencies, 2021 marks a turning point. Like gold, digital currencies are now considered a safe haven.


This is why Union Btc gives you the possibility to have a savings plan based on cryptocurrency. This plan will not only give you monthly interest, but its profitability is much better than any other financial product proposed by traditional banks.


Our saving plans are based on three principles: simplicity, security, profitability


Size the opportunity to benefit from higher interest rates than those offered by banks today.


Deposit your cash, receive interest in the form of digital currency, use it as you wish.

Deposit your capital
Receive your interest in digital currencies
use them as you see fit

How does saving cryptocurrencies work?

It is first of all, a safe way of saving and more simple!


Year after year, the returns on the financial products offered by traditional banks are constantly going down.


This is why, today, more and more individuals are turning towards a new form of money called crypto currencies which offer better returns.


With Union Btc, you can open a secure cryptocurrency savings account approved  by the European Union regulations. transfer funds from your bank account or from your already existing cryptocurrency portfolio to your new savings account and start earning monthly interest starting today.


The opening of this account is free of charge and your funds are not blocked.


Receive interest each month by depositing your cryptocurrency in a Union Btc savings account (no management fees).

How to open a savings account at Union Btc?

Deposit funds

If you don’t have a digital currency portafolio at Union Btc, transfer funds from your personal  account to your Union Btc savings account. We will help you open your account. Otherwise, you can use the cryptocurrencies from your Union Btc portafolio in your Union Btc savings account.

Receive monthly interests

Every month, the interest is automatically credited to your Union Btc account balance.

Take advantage of your earnings

Withdraw funds from your savings account at any time, your funds are not blocked.

How is interest generated?

Union Btc generates capital gains thanks to a set of staking accounts. This term refers to the process of holding and blocking funds to receive rewards, while also contributing to the operations of a blockchain.


Our position gives us the opportunity to pay interest to clients of Union Btc who choose this secure saving option. Your interests are credited to your account each month.

FAQ about saving cryptocurrencies

What do I have to do to open a Union Btc savings account?

It’s very simple. All you need to do is contact a Union Btc customer advisor by chat or email. He will help you set up your savings account.

Are my funds blocked?

You are not subject to a blocking period. You can withdraw your funds whenever you want, without the need for authorization. You can exchange them at any time for fiat money (€ / $).

How do I know when I receive interest on my Union Btc savings account?

You will automatically receive an email informing you of the reception of your interest on your Union Btc savings account. The interest rates fluctuate according to the market conditions.

I need help or have questions concerning my Union Btc savings account

We will help you. Please do not hesitate to contact our team of advisors, by chat or email.