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Guideline to validate my account

Why do I have to validate my crypto currency account?

This process known as “KYC” (know your customer) is a mandatory process necessary to identify and verify the identity of the people who want to open an account to buy or sell their crypto currencies.

This mandatory step meets the legal requirements of Estonian and the European Union regulations in the fight against money laundering, criminal activities or terrorism. Since Union Btc is an authorized institution subject to the laws described before, we need to validate your account.

In addition, the verification of your account, gives you an additional guarantee of security against any attempt of unauthorized  intrusion to your account by malicious people.

In conclusion, this step is a guarantee of the seriousness of the company that hosts your digital currency wallet.

What are the documents necessary  for the validation of my Union Btc account?

The documents you have to submit are a proof of identity and  a proof of residence. These documents must be sent in color,  all 4 corners visible and in a jpg, jpeg, png, or pdf format.

  • Proof of identity:

    A copy of the front and back of an identity document  (i;e a valid identity card, a driver’s license or a valid passport) with a picture- The 4  corners of the document must be visible.

  • Proof of residence

    The copy of an invoice less than 3 months old- the 4 corners of the documents must be visible. Please provide one document among the ones listed below:

    • Electricity bill,
    • Water bill,
    • Telephone bill,
    • Internet bill,
    • Current year’s tax notice,
    • Bank statement
  • Copy of the front of credit card  that you used to open your Union BTC digital wallet. Only the first 4 and last 4 digits must be visible.

  • Copy of the back of the credit card that you have provided for your Union Btc digital wallet. Only the signature should be visible. Please hide the CVV code and in case the digitas on your card are embossed, please hide at least the 8 middle digits.

Do no hesitate to contact Union Btc customer service, by chat or by email, if you need any help. We are at your disposal.

How long does it take to validate a Union Btc Account?

Between 3 minutes and an hour, if all the documents necessary to validate your Union Btc account are compliant.

I was not able to validate my documents. What should I do?

We are sorry. We will help you:

The common reasons why the verification of your account was not possible and how to avoid them:

  • Wrong type of document – Make sure that you upload or take a picture of a supporting document that conforms to the list described in the article “What are the documents necessary for the validation of my Union Btc account? »
  • Your document has expired – Make sure the document is valid.
  • Poor image quality – Make sure the whole document is visible (all 4 corners of the document) and readable, there is no glare in the picture.
  • Document – Make sure that the document is not damaged and that it bears your signature.
  • Edited photo or screenshot – Make sure that the photo you have uploaded has not been edited with image processing software (Photoshop, etc.) and that it is not a screenshot.

  • Black and white picture – Make sure the picture is in color.
  • Unsupported file – We accept jpg, jpeg, png and pdf files

Do not hesitate to contact Union Btc support service, either by chat or email, if you need help. We are at your disposal.

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